I’ve decided that part of the trick to avoiding hunger on fast days is to find the most filling low-calorie meals possible. I’ve always found that porridge oats make a meal that sticks to my stomach more than any other breakfast. Oats have been proven to help lower cholesterol levels, so they’re a good thing to include in your diet generally. On a fast day, you can’t eat a lot of them though, as they’re relatively high in calories.

For breakfast today I cooked one ounce/25g of oats in water with a sliced up peach. Total calories: 133. Then I added a quarter of a cup of 0% yoghurt, bringing the total count to 163. This is a little high, compared to some breakfasts I’ve had on fast days, but I’m planning a lower-calorie-than-normal supper meal tonight, so it should even out. This made quite a tart-tasting breakfast – you could replace the peach with a banana for a sweeter meal of 200 calories (without the yoghurt) or half a banana which would be 150.

Peachy porridge

This kept me going until 1.30pm, so it certainly did the trick as far as keeping me full went. Lunch was the leftover soup from Day 3, this time with the addition of a couple of teaspoonsful of curry powder, which made it much more palatable!