The fruit day went better than I was expecting it to, even though a combination of hunger and jet lag meant that I ate the cookie at two o’clock in the morning! I woke late (thanks to the jet lag) and ate the kiwi fruit for breakfast at about 10.30am. Then I went off sightseeing for the day and didn’t eat anything (just drank water) until I returned to the hotel at four o’clock in the afternoon. I ate an apple when I got back, then had the sliced-up orange an hour or two later and the remaining apple at about 8.00pm. Meanwhile, back at home, my husband survived the day on two bowls of dry Cheerios and two apples.

On the next day I was heading home, and looked forward to breaking my fast at the airport with a good meal before my midday flight. I was therefore extremely disappointed to find that the choice of eating establishments seemed to be limited to McDonald’s: not a place that I associate in any way with the phrase “good meal”. I haven’t eaten in a McDonald’s for about 20 years, but given the choice of continuing my fast for another three hours or swallowing my principles (and McDonald’s food), I’m afraid I caved in.

One of the side effects of the 5:2 diet has been an increased awareness of calorie-content in the food I eat on non-fasting days. I don’t think I’m getting obsessive about it, but it’s just interesting. I plumped for a black coffee (taking milk in coffee is something we’ve both dropped as a result of this diet – we stopped having milk in tea several years ago) and a Bacon and Egg McMuffin®*. As I ate it I noticed that there was nutritional information on the wrapping:

Nutritional information on a Bacon & Egg McMuffin

300 calories for one not-very-satisfying burger-type-thing. Mind you, the Sausage and Egg equivalent is 425 calories, according to the other side of the wrapper, so you wouldn’t be left with much else to eat if you had one of those on a fasting day.

*I really, really felt uncomfortable eating a menu item that had an ® attached to it. I was quite relieved that I was on my own – if the rest of the family had been there to witness my shame, the teasing would have been unbearable. As it is, it’s going to take at least another 20 years for me to live this down…