Coronation chicken was a dish developed in 1953 for the celebrations around Queen Elizabeth II’s, um, coronation (surprise!). This meal is inspired by that, but a low-calorie version, using 0% fat yoghurt instead of mayonnaise. Mmmm, mayonnaise… Maybe tomorrow…

Recipe for Coronation chicken and vegetable wrap (serves 2)

Ingredients for Coronation chicken wrap80g 0% yoghurt
1 tbsp curry powder
180g roasted chicken breast, diced
40g salad greens
40g sweetcorn, steamed and cooled
25g tomatoes, diced (I used oven-dried cherry tomatoes*)
1 flour tortilla

Total calories per serving: 400

Method: Mix the curry powder into the yoghurt and stir in the diced chicken breast. Then it’s just a case of assembling all the other ingredients on the tortilla and topping off with the chicken:

Building the wrap

There’s a lot of filling, so it’s actually quite hard to get the wrap closed!

Finished wrap

At 400 calories, this takes me just slightly over 500 for the day with the 110 calorie soup I had for lunch. But I don’t think there’s a 5:2 diet police officer who is going to come round and slap my wrist.

Is there?!

*These are very easy to make, although require a fair amount of patience as they take a long time to dry. The Pick Your Own site has  comprehensive instructions. In this dish, the dried tomatoes give a great little kick of concentrated tomato sweetness.