An experiment today, to make a change from having soup for lunch on a fasting day.

Recipe for Spinach and parmesan omelette (serves 2)

Ingredients for spinach and parmesan omelette2 eggs
20g spinach, chopped
15g parmesan, grated
freshly ground pepper

Total calories per serving: 95

Method: Put a non-stick pan on a medium heat. Beat eggs together and pour into the pan. Pile the chopped fresh spinach, parmesan and pepper on top of the eggs. As the eggs cook, the spinach will wilt down and the cheese will melt into it. When the eggs have set, divide the cooked omelette into half with a spatula, then fold each half in two and serve.

Spinach and parmesan omelette

It tasted great – now we just have to see if it will keep us fuller for longer than soup does!