Another fasting-away-from home day. A lie-in caused by jet lag took care of any cravings for breakfast, and then it was just lunch and supper to worry about. Keeping busy on a fast day is always a good thing. When I was last away and fasting I hopped onto tourist buses and spent a few hours enjoying a guided tour of the city I was in. Today I did a similar thing, but took the even healthier option of joining a tour by bicycle.

The tour included a stop for lunch at about 2pm, which I suspect may have been marginally over my fasting allowance of 500 calories (although not by much).

It was a really enjoyable way to see the city while also fully occupying my attention for five hours. And (a bonus) I must have burned off a few calories in the process! As a side benefit, I suspect exercising out in the sun for all that time will have sorted out the jet lag problem.

I will subdue any hunger pangs this evening with a few olives as a snack, but as it’s now nearly 9pm local time, I don’t think I’ll need many of them.