A cancelled flight on Sunday disrupted my usual routine of fasting on a Monday, so I postponed it to yesterday instead. The only problem with doing that was that I had arranged to meet friends for dinner. It probably wasn’t going to be easy to find a meal of 500 calories in a restaurant, but I didn’t want to delay my fast for another day (as I’d mysteriously gained a kilo by flying across the Atlantic and back!), so I proceeded to eat nothing at all until I met them in the evening at the restaurant.

This was the longest I’ve ever fasted – a total of 22 hours without food. When I started the day I wasn’t at all sure that I would be able to make it through to the evening without eating, but actually it wasn’t too bad – as long as I kept busy and drank lots of warm drinks of black coffee and milkless teas of various kinds at regular intervals. Having a variety of different teas seems to help – green tea, spiced tea, regular tea. We might be spending less overall on food, but I’m sure I’m making up for it in buying new types of tea!

At the restaurant I ordered a small cup of vegetable soup (I didn’t eat the accompanying crackers) and a seafood salad. The salad was supposed to come with cheese, but I asked for none with mine. When it arrived, I was relieved to see that the dressing was served separately, so I was able to have a tiny amount of dressing rather than drowning the salad in it. I suspect that the total calories in the meal was still more than 500, but it shouldn’t have been much more and, even better, I didn’t feel as though I was eating so weirdly that I was freaking my friends out.

From now on I should be back to my more normal routine of making an evening meal myself for fast days.