Flavours are really important on fasting days and so is the feeling that you aren’t really depriving yourself. This breakfast or lunch (or indeed brunch) dish feels luxurious and yet only contains 250 calories.

Poached Egg on toast with Smoked Salmon

Recipe for Poached egg on toast with smoked salmon (serves 1)

1 very fresh free range egg
1 slice wholemeal bread (around 75g/3 ounces)
30g smoked salmon slices

Total calories per serving: 250

Method: Bring a small pan of water to a gentle simmer and break the egg into it. If you’ve got a properly fresh egg, that’s all you need to do – you can forget all that stuff about vinegar and stirring the water before you break the egg. Poaching an egg really is that simple, but it’s got to be fresh, otherwise the white won’t hold its shape. This one was laid yesterday! The egg will take about two minutes to cook, so time your toast to be ready when the egg is. When the toast is cooked, arrange the slices of salmon over it and then carefully scoop the egg from its bath with a slotted spoon, allowing the water to drip off it for a few seconds so that it is dry when you put it on top of the salmon. Smoked salmon is high in sodium, so don’t add any salt to this dish. Pepper, however, is allowed! 😉