Duck liver on toast

Where I live it’s hard to find chicken livers. They don’t come with the giblets of whole chickens like they do in the UK and it’s rare to find them available separately. For some reason, though, whole ducks do come with their livers. We had crispy duck to celebrate the Chinese New Year at the weekend (definitely not a fasting-day meal!) and I had the liver left over. It made an easy, luxurious, nutrient-rich and fairly low-calorie lunch. You could use a chicken liver in place of the duck.

Recipe for Duck liver on toast (serves 1)

Ingredient Calories per serving
1 tsp butter 34
30g duck liver 41
50g slice of wholemeal bread 105
1 tbsp alfalfa sprouts 1

Total calories per serving: 180

Method: Melt the butter over a medium heat and toast the bread. Cut the liver into even-sized pieces. When the butter is hot, add the liver and brown, turning often. Once the liver pieces are golden brown, push them to one side and put your slice of toast in the pan to soak up the last of the butter (it’s accounted for in the recipe, so you might as well eat it!). Transfer the toast to a plate and squish the liver on to it. The inside of the pieces should still be pink. Garnish with the alfalfa sprouts.