In the depths of a Canadian winter, sprouting beans and seeds give a nutritional boost to the system when it’s hard to find fresh leafy local vegetables. They are cheap and easy to grow yourself, with nothing more complicated than a glass jar, an elastic band and a piece of nylon. I’ve had a series of pots of alfalfa sprouts on the go in recent weeks but this was my first try at growing mung beans.

Two-Bean Wrap

Recipe for Two-bean wrap (serves 1)

Ingredient Calories per serving
1 small wholewheat tortilla 90
55g refried beans 52
20g mung beansprouts 4

Total calories per serving: 145

You can buy tins of refried beans, but I had a go at making them myself at the weekend. I used dried black beans and followed a recipe I found here (I didn’t add the cheese at the end, though). The end result is a rather dark paste, which doesn’t look terribly appetising, but which tastes great and makes a nice textural contrast to the crunchiness of the sprouts.