Another very simple dish with a good slug of protein in it, which makes it an excellent way to break a fast if you’re delaying your first meal of the day for as long as possible. I ate this at 11am, which was 16 hours after my last meal. More of an early lunch, really…

I’ve never eaten an egg with a crumpet before, but it was a fantastic combination – definitely one I’ll be having again. I can’t get nice crumpets here, so I have to make my own, but you could replace the crumpet with an English muffin for roughly the same number of calories. I used lean peameal bacon here, but a thin slice of good ham would work well, too. If you can get hold of back bacon, just use the lean part for this recipe. If you’re vegetarian, you could replace the meat with 50g sliced mushrooms, cooked in a teaspoon of butter, for the same amount of calories.

Breakfast stack

Recipe for Breakfast Stack (serves 1)

Ingredient Calories per serving
1 crumpet or English muffin 120
1 slice ham or lean bacon (50g) 50
1 egg 65

Total calories per serving: 235

Method: Toast crumpet and dry-fry bacon (if using) and egg. Assemble in a stack and enjoy!