Eggplant and tomatoes

Eggplants are a good fasting-day food, as they’re fairly high-fibre and low-calorie, with a satisfying, filling, texture. For a long time, the only recipe I ever used them in was moussaka, but now I cook with them in quite a lot of ways (mostly because I grow far too many of them!). The one I used in this recipe is the variety in the photo – an Italian type called Rosa Bianca (a name almost as pretty as the fruit).

This is a very simple dish: a side dish really, but also suitable for a light meal on a fasting day. If you’ve got the barbecue going, it’s easy to cook the eggplant alongside other food, or you could use a very hot frying pan or grill/broiler instead.

Grilled eggplant/aubergine and tomato stack (serves 1)

Ingredient Calories per serving
1 medium eggplant/aubergine (220g), thickly sliced 54
1 tbsp sunflower oil 124
salt and pepper 0
1 or 2 large tomatoes (200g), thickly sliced 36
20g parmesan, grated 64

Total calories per serving: 275

Eggplant and tomato stackMethod: Lightly brush the eggplant slices with the oil and cook over a high heat until tender (about 10 minutes), turning regularly and seasoning each side with a little salt and pepper (or any other spice you have to hand). When they are almost cooked, put the slices of tomato on the heat (you don’t want them fully cooked, just lightly charred – about 30 seconds on each side is fine).

Remove them from the heat and build into a stack, alternating tomato and eggplant slices. Plate them up and sprinkle Parmesan over the top.