Like a lot of other people, I was inspired by the BBC Horizon programme ‘Eat, Fast, Live Longer‘ which was aired in August 2012. In the show, Michael Mosley investigated fasting on two days of the week as a means of improving his weight, health, and overall quality of life. The results he achieved were impressive and my husband and I were motivated to follow Mosley’s example. This blog is a place where I can jot down the recipes I’m using on our fasting days for future reference and in the hope that other people might find them useful, too. Most of the time I’ll be using vegetables from our own garden, so the recipes are fairly seasonal (assuming that you’re in the Northern hemisphere, that is!).

We’ve decided to make Monday and Friday (sometimes Thursday) our fasting days, with relatively normal eating on the other days of the week. My plan is to update the blog pretty regularly with the recipes I’m preparing on the fast days. You can check out my Cooking in Someone Else’s Kitchen blog for other seasonal recipes (although I can’t guarantee that they’ll be low calorie ones) and more general ramblings about growing and harvesting food in this corner of the world. I’ll also share updates on how well this way of eating is working as a means of losing weight. I’ve been doing a lot of cycling and walking in the last two years, but though I’m now fitter than I’ve ever been, I’ve found that exercise hasn’t helped at all with getting rid of my abdominal fat.

Best of luck if you decide to try fasting yourself!

Amanda Hill

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