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If you have an ice cream maker, this is a quick-to-make dessert which is light on calories but not short on flavour. I keep bags of fruit in the freezer for nights like these when I feel that something sweet is needed, but don’t want to break the calorie bank. You can use any soft fruit you have to hand. Plain yoghurt instead of evaporated milk works fine, too (though you might need a little more sugar).

Blueberry and raspberry gelato

Blueberry and raspberry gelato (serves 4)

Ingredient Calories per serving
1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries 18
½ cup fresh or frozen raspberries 8
½ cup sugar 97
370ml evaporated milk (2% fat) 132

Total calories per serving: 255

Method: Heat the fruit and sugar in a pan over a medium heat until the sugar has melted into a syrup around the softened fruit. Blend the fruit and syrup until smooth. If you like, you can sieve the mixture to remove any pips (I didn’t bother). Stir in the evaporated milk and allow to cool (if you have time). Pour into the ice cream maker and churn until frozen and fluffy. Transfer to a freezer-proof container and freeze until needed (or just eat it while it’s still a bit soft, like we did).


Chocolate gelatoAs I’ve said before, you probably won’t be wanting to use up 175 calories on a dessert on a fasting day, but this is another low-calorie iced milk dish which might be useful when you’re not fasting. The recipe is from Kitty Travers and was originally published in the Telegraph in 2011. I’ve renamed it, as ‘Chocolate Pudding Ice Cream’ seemed a bit of a misnomer for a dessert without cream. I’ve also simplified the method a bit.

Recipe for Chocolate gelato (serves 4)

Ingredient Calories per serving
450 ml/2 cups milk (2% fat) 61
15g/½oz cornflour 13
50g/2oz cocoa powder 28
75g/3oz sugar 73

Total calories per serving: 175

Method: Mix together the cornflour and about a quarter of the milk in a saucepan. Stir in the cocoa powder and sugar and slowly add the rest of the milk. Stir the ingredients over a medium heat until the cornflour starts to thicken and the mixture turns glossy. Remove from the heat and allow to cool, then put in the refrigerator for an hour or two to chill. Pour the cold mixture into an ice-cream maker and churn until frozen.

Realistically, you probably won’t want to use up 240 of your fasting-day calories on a dessert. But I’m including this here because it proves that not all delicious desserts have to be dripping with calories.

Maple Vanilla Gelato

Recipe for Maple vanilla gelato (serves 4)

Ingredient Calories per serving
1 litre/4 cups milk (2% fat) 129
1 vanilla pod (or 1 tsp vanilla extract) 0 (3)
¼ cup maple syrup (or sugar) 51 (48)
4 eggs 63

Total calories per serving: 240

Method: Split the vanilla pod (if using) with a knife and put in a pan with the milk and maple syrup/sugar. Heat the milk to boiling point and then leave to infuse for ten minutes or so. Break the eggs into a blender and whizz until smooth (this avoids having lumps of egg white in the finished desert). Reheat the milk until hot and pour over the eggs. Return the mixture to the saucepan and heat over a medium flame, stirring constantly, until it thickens enough to coat the back of the spoon. Remove from the heat and place in a bowl over some ice cubes to cool it down before freezing according to your ice cream maker’s instructions (add vanilla extract at this point, if that’s what you’re using).