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Definitely my strangest fasting day so far. We had visitors staying with us, so instead of skipping lunch as we have been doing, we made a tomato and vegetable soup from chopped-up tomatoes, carrots, an onion, a small Savoy cabbage, a courgette/zucchini and a litre of stock, along the lines of the soup we had on Day 13, but without pre-roasting the vegetables. Half a teaspoon of hot smoked paprika gives it a nice warming little kick.

Then I had to leave on a business trip, so I wasn’t able to do my usual thing of making a filling supper out of low-calorie ingredients. I grabbed an apple and weighed out a small bagful of blanched almonds. 60g of those comes to a massive 345 calories, so that was all I could have with the apple and the soup.

Spare almondsIt’s now 7.30pm and I’ve still got quite a few of the almonds left, without feeling hugely hungry. On a more normal fasting day I would have consumed all my calories by this time, so perhaps snacking on a handful of nuts all afternoon is just as effective at warding off hunger as dishing up a full plate of legumes and vegetables. It doesn’t feel quite as psychologically satisfying though, I will admit.


I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to fast while I’m away from home. I don’t have any cooking facilities and eating out is problematic in terms of counting calories. I think I’ve solved the problem by ordering a basket of fruit in my hotel. That will provide around 320 calories (apples=190, orange=85, kiwi fruit=45), while the Air Canada cookie I picked up on the plane but didn’t eat provides another 160 (according to the label), taking me to a total of 480 calories.

Cookie and fruit

Doesn’t look much, does it? Think I’m going to feel hungry tomorrow…